Dan McClung conducts our training in a Pitts S2B
He brings 40 plus years of professional flying experience in the Navy, Airlines, Corporate, and Air Show worlds.
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“Knowledge is the Power that gives us Wings to Soar”

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With so many accidents involving pilot error attributed to  loss of control (LOC)  it has become increasingly evident that too many pilots-in-command are failing to recognize and avoid conditions and elements that lead to these accidents.  One aspect of LOC is often stalling an aircraft inadvertently and possibly leading to a spin or out of control occurrence.  We know from history that type of LOC can be combated through stall/spin recognition and avoidance.

Our stall/spin training course is centered around an in-depth understanding and managing angle of attack (AOA).  You will be trained in recognizing high and critical AOA events and the appropriate inputs and skill sets required to recover with minimum loss of altitude and energy.

The Red Eagle Academy’s advanced aerodynamics ground school will give you an in-depth knowledge and understanding of AOA, stall / spin dynamics along with the appropriate recovery methods for YOUR aircraft.  We use the PARE method and it works.  You will be given ample opportunity to see all the phases of a spin from the stall to the recovery (including secondary stalls) in various modes of flight.

This course is designed to make you a safer pilot or instructor.  We offer this as a CFI spin sign off or possibly a great way to get your biennial review.


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The most important decision that a pilot-in-command can make is to always “FLY THE PLANE.” This may appear to be a seemingly  simple and requisite task but in light of our many LOC accidents one that is often disregarded.  With our EMT and Upset training course you will receive the knowledge and training you need to recognize several abnormal flight attitudes and the significance of applying correct and timely control inputs that lead to an optimum recovery.

There are many factors that may lead to finding yourself in an unusual attitude and subsequent loss of control of your aircraft.  Just a few of those are loss of situational awareness (SA), mechanical failure i.e. loss of power, automation degradation, atmospherics including icing, density altitude, etc, distractions, failure to fly the aircraft within its flight envelope or inappropriate control inputs in response to an upset that might lead to critical AOA event.

Our training at the Red Eagle Academy will prepare you to recognize and respond to these challenges and more.  With proper ground school training and walkthroughs you will then take to the air to see how your “stick and rudder skills” along with your good decision-making will aid you in recovering from any upset situation or event safely.

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While Aerobatics at any level is fun, exhilarating and rewarding, The Red Eagle Academy takes you beyond the maneuvers and showmanship.  Not only do we teach the safe and proper way to perform any given maneuver, we also infuse in our students the discipline and focus that is required to be a successful aerobatic pilot whether for competition, air show or just for fun.

We offer training for pilots from beginners to advanced aerobatics.  After 26 years in the air show industry and over 3500 hours of aerobatic time we bring a wealth of experience and training techniques that will make you a better pilot.

Our ground school includes advanced aerodynamics and physiology to prepare you for the stresses and strains on you and your aircraft.  WE explore “G’s” and how best to cope with them and use them to complete the perfect maneuver.  Our flight training is a core development of the building blocks of learning from basic to advanced.  We will show you how to put together multiple maneuvers to form a sequence.  Each flight is critiqued thoroughly and you will spend time in an aerobatic practice area to form good habits for precision – altitude and airspeed control as well as energy management.

There are many schools and instructors but why not train with the very best at the Red Eagle Academy.

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